Project Developments

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This morning I am in El Paso, Texas as I continue my quick survey of the U.S./Mexico border, the "Transition in the Borderlands" project I have been working on for over a week now.

There have been a few obstacles to my work on this project. My friend and colleague Marcos Ramirez, a cameraperson and editor from Albuquerque, was supposed to accompany me for part of the trip, but I recently got bad news: he broke a leg and a few ribs when he was hit by car while riding his bicycle. He can't put weight on his foot for another several weeks. At each location where I shoot on this fast, hectic trip, I've wished that I had someone with me, to shoot while I interview or vice-versa, to carry some of the gear, to drive, to just compare notes with and bounce ideas off of. I had been looking forward to Marcos joining me on this leg of the trip, so it's sad to hear this news. Get well soon, Marcos!

In other news, I've discovered that the firewire port on my Powerbook doesn't work, which means I can't capture video from my camera - which basically means I'm not able to edit as a travel. This was part of the plan, originally, for this project, and if Marcos was along we could at least use his powerbook, but now I am basically limited to capturing and editing back at home in Tucson.

Finally, I've decided to limit the project because of budget constraints. I originally had planned to cover the entire southern border of the U.S., from San Diego to Brownsville, but looking at expenses for the California leg of the trip has made me realize I just don't have the funding to it all. So a site a little ways downriver from El Paso will be the furthest east I travel this time around. However, there are still many stories to tell and people to talk with on my way back west along the line.

Ahead: I still have 3 video segments to edit and post from the California portion of the project. Today, I visit Rio Bosque Park here in El Paso and talk to the person who has committed the first and so far only act of civil disobedience to stop construction of the border wall.