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Showdown At the Rio Bosque

The News on the Line "Transition in the Borderlands" series continues with another segment:

Showdown At The Rio Bosque

This is the story of the first and so far only act of civil disobedience committed to stop construction of the border wall, in El Paso, Texas.

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Inauguration Day in Mexicali

As Barrack Obama was being sworn into office, I was talking with an expert on ecology and biodiversity in the border region, Professor Landeros of the Autonomous University of Baja California, in Mexicali. He told me about the state of the borderlands and his hope for them in the future.

A Visit to Mexicali on Inauguration Day from steev hise on Vimeo.

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Mono Mono On The Border

In this 3rd installment of the News On The "Line Transition in the Borderlands" series, San Diego electropop artist Jeffrey "Mono Mono" Beringer talks about the border wall, cross-cultural love, and his hopes for change in the future.

Mono Mono On The Border from steev hise on Vimeo.

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Post-Production Progress

migra portable watch towerAfter my return from the "Borderlands in Transition" trip, I've been evaluating my footage and preparing to edit several more segments covering the many people I talked to about the border wall and border militarization.

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Project Developments

This morning I am in El Paso, Texas as I continue my quick survey of the U.S./Mexico border, the "Transition in the Borderlands" project I have been working on for over a week now.

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Video From Friendship Park

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First Video Report For "Transition in the Borderlands": Chertoff Retirement Party

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Friendship Park Communion Continues

Yesterday I drove from midtown San Diego a half an hour south to Border Field State Park to observe an activist and community ritual that has been happening every Sunday for the last 6 months. John Fanestil and other San Diegans meet in a parking lot a mile north of the Mexican/U.S. border and then walk to the beach, then down it to the sand-embedded border wall, and then up a short hill to the top of a mesa where the historic Friendship Park has been located as a monument to international relations since the early 70s.

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In San Diego

As I write this I sit in a house in the City Heights neighborhood of San Diego, charging batteries and otherwise preparing for shooting at Friendship Park this afternoon. I've also been continuing to configure this web site, which I think will be a slowly evolving process.

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Hitting the Road

Today the "Transition in the Borderlands?" project (working title) will officially get rolling as I head from Tucson to San Diego. Tomorrow I plan to be at the weekly interfaith communion at Friendship Park that John Fanestil and other clergy have been doing. Since the Border Patrol and wall construction contractors have started to demolish the park a couple of weeks ago, there's no telling when this will be cut short.

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